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Proven Experience

Aeronomics' expertise is provided in the areas of thermal protection system technologies, hypersonic aerothermodynamics, thermostructural analysis, electronics thermal management, flight test and evaluation, aerothermal ground test and evaluation, strategic simulation planning, threat modeling, mission planning, 6DOF simulation development, system simulation development and integration, tactical system development, hypersonic missile systems, and integrated defense architecture characterization. Aeronomics' expertise has supported major program milestones; most notably the THAAD MSII decision, the Global Missile Defense (GMD) Design Readiness Review (DRR), Integrated Air and Missile Battle Command System (IBCS) MSB decisions, the Conventional Prompt Global Strike (CPGS) Analysis of Alternatives and Family of Systems Concept Feasibility Study, Hypervelocity Missile Concept Technical Feasibility Study, and Hypersonic Vehicle Live-Fire Technology Demonstration.


Thermal Protection Systems

Aeronomics' expertise has decades of experience in the testing and evaluation of Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) technology material and design of hypersonic flight systems.

Ground and Flight Testing

With a proven record supporting Department of Defense (DoD) hypersonic ground and flight testing, Aeronomics provides customers with system design support for aerothermal flight management, thermostructural analysis, aerothermal ground testing and evaluation, and guidance and navigation communications.

Modeling and Simulation

Aeronomics provides customers an extensive portfolio of medium-to-high fidelity models and employs innovative standards-based common middleware solutions to extend the model service life and integration to form new system simulation applications.

Engineering design tools are used to develop concept design data packages and performance attributes.

Aeronomics’ simulation technology experience is derived from simulation development, integration, and validation efforts performed for several major technology development and acquisition programs in the support of system synthesis, concept development, coverage analysis, performance evaluations, suitability assessment, offense-defense integration studies, and technology readiness assessments for strike and defensive systems.

With hypersonic modeling and simulation focusing sensor detection and tracking, threat assessment and weapon planning, communications network, and weapon flyout, Aeronomics is able to provide unmatched solutions to its customers.


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